17 Pancake Lane
Fonthill, ON (CANADA)
L0S 1E2
(For the address for charitable donations, click here).

The Canadian Team:

  • Nancy Wilson: Personal historian with a keen interest in Central America.
  • Paul Lemieux: Educator, photographer and gardener. Deeply rooted in Guatemala.
  • Anne Robinson: Mother, nurse and gardener. Volunteer worker in Central America.
  • Herman Plas: Farmer, union leader, migrant workers advocate.
  • Mike Antoniades: Gardener from childhood, advocate for many causes both local & global.
  • John DeLaat: Retired from General Electric. Works with Niagara Warehouse of Hope and Project Harvest “Helping People Help Themselves.”
  • Bruce Jones: Graduate in agriculture. Interested in helping global south people through Project Harvest and Development and Peace.

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Melinda Oake says:

    Great to read about what you are doing in the beautiful country of Guatemala! Just returned from Xela and Lago Atitlan. We only spent a month, but it was enough time to appreciate the beauty of the land but also to realize the plight of it’s people. I have been thinking about organizing volunteer trips. I am wondering if there is any opportunity to intern with your program? I would like to learn first hand about your project. I am a mom, Registered Nurse/Homeopathy student. My children are grown and I am able to travel.
    Let me know your thoughts,
    Melinda Oake

    • Herman Plas says:

      Hi Melinda, Sorry, I am late in my reply to you-I am going to forward your comments to Paul Lemieux who is now in Guatemala and is our main man-thanks for your kind offer-with regards, Herman Plas.

  2. Miriam M. Mazariegos says:

    Amazing to hear about your project. I would like to know if you are interested in renting a part or a whole house in Antigua Guatemala for your offices, or to accommodate volunteers. Both, my husband and I live in London, Ontario and are from Guatemala. We have a beautiful home in Antigua Guatemala, which was previously used for a school for needy families and we helped them by renting the building for a symbolic amount for ten years. The school Escuela Integral Para Niños Trabajadores, is run by a group of Americans and is now using a different building due to the number of students that need to be helped. I’m a teacher, and work for the Catholic Board of Education, and I’m able to travel with my husband during my vacation time. We are also wondering if you would like to work with us, as we are willing to help in anyway. I’m actually heading to Guatemala next week in order to make decision about our home. If you have any interest, please contact me as soon as possible at, or you can call me at 519 661-0779. You could also let me know who to contact, or connect with in order to aid the Project Harvest Community.
    Miriam Mazariegos

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