Benefit of Long-term Accompaniment

“This is the best program we have ever had. Other programs have come, left a few things, and soon gone. Project Harvest has helped us, our family, our children, our community by assuring a greater degree of food security, especially in the dry season by: showing us how to capture & store rain water; by the introduction of organic methods of gardening, without the use of chemicals; and by introducing the “red wiggler” to create worm composting. Our family life has improved through this reliable and ongoing training.” – Doña Roberta of Pitahaya

Diversification of Incomes 

“We earn about 20 quetzales per month through the sale of surplus vegetables such as broccoli, cilantro, beets, cabbage and radishes. This includes the sale of two to three dozen eggs at 3 to 4 quetzales per dozen.  We may also sell a few chickens, keeping some for our  table, and of course, leaving the hen chicks to mature. Before Project Harvest we had nothing to sell.  Now it is different.” – Doña María of Chiquimula

Education for Sustainability

With the training we receive via Project  Harvest, we have learned the importance of vaccinating chickens. Before, all our chickens died. Now not one dies. We also have a fund  from which we can buy the vaccination.”  – Santos Mendez of Guaybo